Version 2.0.2
Internet Server Connections, Inc. is pleased to present its full E-Commerce package CommerceMadeEasy[TM] This package is a dream-come-true for the developers.

CommerceMadeEasy[TM] can be used to set up and create complex commerce sites, in any industry, in a matter of days. Management, and maintenance of these commerce sites are made trivial with CommerceMadeEasy[TM].

All system components were developed in C++ for optimal performance and security. As the package was developed entirely in-house, it permits easy customization to cater to your exact needs.

Its salient features are:

* Cookieless shopping cart
    Cookies are placed on your computer by the sites that you visit, and they track your movements on the Internet. They show what sites and pages you visited how long you stayed at each one and they record your shopping cart purchases. Our shopping cart is able to keep track of your purchases without using cookies, resulting in more privacy and security for you.
    For more information about the dangers of cookies, please visit an independent site

* Sales software

    Our software enables you or your customers to put items up for sale.

* Auction software

    Our software enables you or your customers to hold auctions, which are customized for your needs.

* Access (Membership/Electronic Subscription)

    One of the features of the CME software is to allow for controlled access to sections of contents on your website. This access may be purchased on-line using different payment options. There is a Free Trial Access capability as well. The Access capability may also be used by your customers in their own customized store-fronts.

* Shopping Malls and Store-Fronts

    Enable your clients to quickly configure a Store-Front in your Shopping Mall and enjoy all the capabilities available to you in their own Store-Fronts.

* Plain and advanced search capabilities

    Our search engines a very easy to use, and because our databases all communicate with one another, you are able to search for either a single item or multiple items in the same search, even though they may be in different databases.

* Secure on-line relational database system

* Complete online database access and management interface

    You can access and make changes to your files no matter where you are, even if you are in another country.

* Import/export rom/to all databases

    We are compatible with and support most software programs. Making it easy for you to create your databases using the software of your choice and then simply exporting it to our databases.

* Inventory and agent tracking

    Our inventory tracking keeps a detailed record of your stock on hand and automatically deducts ordered items from that amount. So you will always know exactly how much of each item you have available. While our agent tracking keeps track of how customers reached your site, and whether or not they were referred from another site.

* Invoicing and accounting

    Creates and keeps track of all your invoices, while also performing accounting duties.

* Report generation

    Creates detailed reports, from total sales records to date or sales records for the day. Custom reports are also available.

* UPS/FedEx package tracking

    Our package tracking service enables you to check on the status of your order, and see where it currently is and its expected delivery date.

* Multi-language support

    Our software supports many languages including English and German, we can customize to your language requirements.

* Fully flexible look and feel

    Shopping cart look, and form layout is customizable to best meet your business requirements. From simply changing the color scheme, to allowing only certain methods of payments to be accepted.

* Customized add-on modules

    All software has been specifically designed here at Internet Server Connections, so we can customize to meet your exact needs and requirements. Anything you need we can design and implement for you.

* What do I get?

    The client shall be granted a non-exclusive license for a single processor copy of the customized Commerce Made Easy [TM] software. The cost of this license is included for all our clients who take on a collocation agreement as long as they are hosted by Internet Server Connections, Inc. Third party service provider license agreements may be provided upon request and at a substantial effort on Internet Server Connections' part to secure and encrypt third party licenses. This will naturally involve further costs if requested by the client. You may inquire about these costs on a case-by-case situation. Please note that currently Red Hat Linux versions are supported. Any fees associated with customization of the basic Commerce Made Easy [TM] system are fully non-refundable. All customizations must be approved by the technical staff of Internet Server Connections for feasibility. Customizations are developed fully by Internet Server Connections on the proprietary software, Commerce Made Easy [TM], which has been in the development stage since June 1996. All customizations and modifications are hence understood to be the property of Internet Server Connections.

* 128-bit encryption for high security

    Encrypted with 128 bit code, resulting in a highly secure site for your business.

* Works with AuthorizeNet Credit Card gateways

    We use authorized credit card gateways enabling you to safely and securely use your credit card for purchases over the Internet. ISC also provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates and Merchant Accounts for a complete turn-key E-Commerce solution.

-And much more ...

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