Frequently asked questions

* Will a cookie be placed on my computer ?

    No. We use a cookieless shopping cart, so no cookies will be placed on your computer.

* Can I make changes to my site from home?

    CommerceMadeEasy has complete online database access and management interface, so you can access and make changes to your files no matter where you are. Even if you are in another country.

* Will the software that I am using be compatible with yours?

    We are compatible with and support most software programs, making it easy for you to create your databases using the software of your choice and then simply exporting it to our database.

* Can I get detailed reports from you?

    We can create any reports that you may need, from total sales records to reports specially customized for your business.

* I do business internationally, do you support foreign languages?

    Yes, our software supports many foreign languages. we can customize to meet your language requirements.

* What if I want something different, that is not available in this package?

    This software has been specifically designed by our designers, so we can customize modules to meet your exact needs.

* Will my business transactions be secure on your site?

    Yes, we use 128 bit encryption code, which results in a very high secure site for your business.

* How will my credit card information be protected?

    We use Authorize.Net a credit card gateway, enabling you to safely and securely use your credit card. We also provide secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates and Merchant Accounts for a complete turn-key E-Commerce solution.

* Who is Authorize.Net?

    Authorize.Net is the largest and most secure payment gateway in the world. Authorize.Net is the credit card processing engine behind more websites than any other gateway.

* Is there someone I can call if I need help?

    Yes! You will have live, toll-free merchant assistance available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.